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Title 'Newtro' item, mother-of-pearl handicrafts
Submit Staff Date 2020-06-10 09:46:05
Have you heard of ‘Newtro’? It’s a word combining ‘New’ and ‘Retro’,

meaning the trend that people enjoy Retro mood/fashion/accessory, etc in a new way.

Mother-of-pearl handicrafts are one of the representative Newtro items.

They are also popular as traditional souvenirs from trips to South Korea.

Mother-of-pearl craft is handicrafts made of shells glued onto a piece of wood applied lacquer several times.

To create the glamorous twinkle, the shells were shaved into a thin layer with specific shapes.

They used to be beautiful decorations on furniture like the wardrobe seen at grandma’s house,

so mother-of-pearl crafts reminded many Koreans of their childhood memories.

However, these days, they are used in goods such as mirrors, phone cases and accessory containers used in everyday life.

If you are interested in learning this special handicraft and make your own souvenir in Korea,

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