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Title [Card News] About Kimchi
Submit Staff Date 2020-06-11 17:49:18

What you can't miss when you travel is eating and drinking!

Especially if you can only taste it in this country,

you should try it.

There's one thing cannot be missing among Korean foods.

It's Kimchi!

Kimchi, the representative fermented food in Korea, has about 80 kinds,

and it can be eaten with a variety of dishes.

Chapaguri (ft. movie Parasite) is even better with Kimchi.

How about it? Wanna make it?

Let's make Kimchi with your friends in the antique house, Hanok.

Kimchi making day is also Pork Party Day!

Let's learn how to enjoy fresh Kimchi with boiled pork like Koreans do.

While making and tasting Kimchi,

you'll realize you become the master of Kimchi!

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with Mycultureis' Kimchi making class

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