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Title [Card News] A drink like an energy drink that makes you invigorated
Submit Staff Date 2020-06-24 09:29:21

Korean ancestors used to drink the drink when harvesting.

Once they drink it even if they're tired, their energy renewed!

It is about Makgeolli, the Korean traditional rice wine.

It is relatively less renowned than beer and wine.

Koreans still love it today.

Even for foreigners, they cannot forget it easily, once they taste Makgeolli.

What's so special?

Unlike other drinks, Makgeolli is fermented not only with alcohol but also with lactic-acid.

You can feel the sparkling and glamorous taste that other drinks do not have.

Curious about how to make it?

You'll be more curious about the unique taste.

Mycultureis prepared it for you.

It's a special Makgeolli class.

You can make it with our master.

If you come to Korea, try it!

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