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Title [Card News] BTS Jimin's Korean fan dance
Submit Staff Date 2020-06-24 09:46:19

"A breathtaking performance. You must see it live!"

"I've only replayed it 30 times"

"They brought the Korean tradition on the stage unvarnished"

-Reviews about 2018 MMA BTS Performance-

BTS' IDOL performances affect ARMY throughout the world.

The fan dance is at the center of it.

In fact, Jimin's alluring fan dance has made headlines in South Korea.

This is because the fan dance has long been considered as the most familiar and most beautiful traditional dance for Koreans.

K-pop's creative dance lines

BTS' dance moves in sync where the fan dance is instilled

"Now, the fan dance is gaining attention anywhere in the world for its harmony of colorful fans and beautiful Hanbok."

If you come to Korea, don't miss out on the chance to learn the fan dacne.

Its dance lines, rhythm, and excitement.

+Add to a bucket list for the trip to South Korea

The fan dance that BTS adopted in the IDOL choreography.

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