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Title Taekwondo, Korean traditional martial arts
Submit Staff Date 2020-07-01 10:33:33

Taekwondo is representative martial arts of Korea. Taekwondo included in the official Olympic Games since 2000, is a full body sport exercising mainly hands and feet.

Since Taekwondo contains a philosophy of harmony and balance which can be found in Taegeukgi, the national flag, its moves also include strength at the same time litheness.

If you train your body with Taekwondo, you can control your mind as well.

As physical exercise, Taekwondo is good for children’s growth development, enhancement of physical strength and self-defense.

Technical system of Taekwondo is aimed for using your body in balance to develop flexibility.

With only bare hands and feet, Taekwondo has offensive power.

Especially, the dynamic technique of using feet is what makes Taekwondo differentiated from other martial arts.

As other martial arts in Korea, Taekwondo also puts its value more on pursuing inner peace, respecting others and achieving fairness.

Therefore, training Taekwondo ultimately means overcoming selfishness and cultivating one’s integrity.

Doesn’t it sound Taekwondo has much deeper universe than we thought alongside its long history?

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