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Title [Card News] You want to be healthy and longevity? Then, Come to Korea and do this
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In Korea, from ancient times, people sometimes used this as a way to embroider their house,

when they need to protect from bad luck or to pray for happiness.

People sometimes used this as a congratulatory gift, when they have as an occasion to celebrate.

It's Minhwa.

Minhwa is characterized by its vibrant colors and bold composition.

These are why Koreans love it so much up to date.

Depending upon the materials of the painting, there are various kinds of wishes and desires.

For example, the pine tree represents fidelity, integrity, and longevity.

Water lotus means prosperity, fertility, and peace.

If you come to Korea, what kind of wish do you want to paint in Minhwa?

With mycultureis, you'll be able to understand and experience the Korean tradition and culture, drawing Minhwa by yourself.

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