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Title Minhwa, Korean folk art
Submit Staff Date 2020-07-16 09:40:23

Minhwa, Korean folk art, was once produced mostly by itinerant or unknown artists without formal training to decorate everyday life in the Joseon Dynasty.

It is characterized by the vivid coloring of flowers, animals, or ornaments that represent health, happiness, and fortune.

The form of Minhwa is not settled in one way since it was not drawn by aristocrats who got much education and were influenced by China/abroad culture.

However, it expresses the racial emotion of the time.

Also, it has humor in the drawings unlike artworks by aristocrats.

Sometimes, we can see the drawing technique more like Cubism, which draws the object in many angles.

Minhwa reflects the real life of people in the Joseon Dynasty. People wish good luck or longevity by drawing flowers, birds and bugs.

So when they have a party celebrating a person turning 60, they used to give Minhwa with flowers, birds and bugs.

Also, carps jumping high is a symbol of the gateway to success.

If you need some good luck, how about drawing one of these Minhwas so that you can protect good luck and expect longevity of your loved ones?