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Title Kimchi, Korean no.1 soul food
Submit Staff Date 2020-07-29 09:39:35
Kimchi, which is one of the most well-known Korean soul foods, is loved by many people over the world these days.

If you once fall for this salty side dish, you might not be able to have rice without it.

There are several kinds of Kimchi. Cabbage Kimchi which is widely prevalent these days has existed only for 100 years.

This cabbage we are using for Kimchi nowadays was introduced from China in the late 19th century and Doctor Woo Jang-Choon made improvements to the species of this cabbage.

Also, did you know that Kimchi was not food for the common people?

Since Salt, one of the main ingredients of Kimchi used to be very pricey in the past.

Therefore, the common people had to use spare salty water after the aristocrats finished making Kimchi or use seawater for salting cabbage down.

People say that making Kimchi is very scientific since it had been the most excellent way of keeping vegetables fresh during the winter before the invention of refrigerators.

People need vitamin C for living and the intake of vitamin C can be done through eating veggies.

Salting down vegetables to preserve them can lose nutrition or flavors, but Kimchi is evaluated to have solved these problems.