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Title [Card News] Invitation to traditional culture experience programs of mycultureis
Submit Staff Date 2020-05-29 16:42:02

Do you know


If you answer "yes" to this question,

you are ready to come to South Korea.

You are the one already full of curiosity about Korea.

South Korea is such a small country,

but there are a lot of amazing things

that will satisfy your curiosity.

Are you just going to try Kimchi?

Why not make Kimchi yourself?

Kimchi is really awesome when you make it with your hands.

Are you just going to buy traditional souvenirs?

Why not make them yourself?

It'll be your own collection,

giving you an unforgettable memory.

Are you going to watch Taekwondo just on TV?

Why not learn for yourself?

Someday, you'll be able to do a stunning kick.

Even if Korea is new to you,

Even if the culture is unfamiliar,

No need to worry.

With mycultureis,

You can choose the traiditional culture experiences

of South Korea in a variety of options.

If you experience the tradition firsthand,

I can feel and understand the roots of people and culture there.

Wouldn't such a trip be a better one?

My culture is a culture experience platform 

to provide useful information and traditional culture experiences

for travelers visiting South Korea.