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Title [Card News] Top 7 (secrets) unique activities
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Top 7 (secrets) unique activities

It's not enough to take a picture at Gyeongbokgung palace.

There are Korean's hidden activities

that only local people know.

(1) Kimchi party

making Kimchi at an antique house, Hanok

(2) Gugak, the Korean traditional music

Riding a Korean rhythm, Deonggideok Kungdeoreoreo


(3) Late Afternoon, eating Chimac in Han river

A perfect collaboration beer and Korean fried chicken (a.k.a Chimac)

A beautiful nightscape is a bonus!

(4) Learning a fan dance

The Korean traditional fan dance that BTS was inspired

(5) Darye Experience

Western tea culture?

Korean traditional tea ceremony!

(6) Touring Ikseon-dong Alley

Let's enjoy hidden spots along the small alleys.

You'll see outstanding restaurants and cafes connecting the past and the present!

(7) A time travel to Gyeongju historic areas

A trip to Gyeongju by train,

a distance takes only 2 hours from Seoul station

Time travel to the capital 2,000 years ago

listed as a UNESCO world heritage site

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